“Listen to what my client say”

Dropped 15 kgs and improvement in skin

Was very concerned with my health. I never thought that i will be able to reduce my weight but it happened with Sneha & her support. I was able to eat everything but just in right proportion. Would highly recommend her to all.

Sonali Darvekar


Balanced food and can enjoy desserts too!

Sneha is very talented and understands one body perfectly. I learnt to eat in moderation. It was an amazing experience to understand what body requires. I have recommended her to many of my friends and family.



Phenomenal! Had never expected such an amazing outcome.

Try running 42.195 Kms in under 4 hours. It is impossible unless you eat right. Switching to the right kind of nutrition plan done under proper guidance is a life-changing decision. It is a mindset that will stay with you forever. One should try it at least once to see how much more potential your body and mind have.

Dhruv Bhiwapurkar

Full Marathon Runner, Businessman

Achieved my Goal!!

I was searching for a dietician online and got her name. My concern was I was unable to lose that last layer of fat to tone fully. My goal was to achieve better overall toning in my body i.e. to get lean muscle. Sneha was very communicative and always available to answer questions.



Lost 18kgs in 3 months

I have already recommended many of my relatives and friends to sneha. Going from flab to fit, everyone around were amazed & surprised. Working with Sneha’s plan, I never felt hungry and was given a free meal to fulfil all my cravings each week. It was an amazing life-changing experience.

Achint Chachada


No need to be empty stomach to lose weight.

It was my husband who had supported me to get in touch with sneha and get a plan designed for me. It was a very good experience and I lost 7 to 8 kgs. Would recommend her very much.

Mona Joshi


Lost 10 Kgs in 3 Months.

I and my mom have both benefitted from Sneha’s weight loss plans. I particularly gained immense belief in her knowledge, once my mom lost weight by her diet plans as I was not sure that a middle-aged Indian woman would be able to lose weight simply by making changes to her diet. She is great at providing home food options to lose weight without have to fast and without the need of any supplements or crash diets. I have already recommended her to my friends, family and will continue to do so in Future as well.

Nikhil yadav

IT Professional

It’s a win-win situation for people who join her.

There was so much variation that I actually ended up eating different things every day. I would like to mention here that Dr Sneha supports her clients throughout the time and even after, the diet duration. I can say this because she had given a diet for my husband also when he was in the hospital due to an accident. The amount of times I asked her for guidance is not funny. She was always there. My husband was in the hospital and she managed to make him drop 10 kgs while he was on bed rest !!! I think that says it all !!.

Rupali Kale

Rupali Kale

Best part – weekly review & support.

Managing diet with my busy and hectic schedule was my topmost concern. There was lot of variety in the foods to eat and plan was managed according to the my schedule. Lost 5 Kgs so far.



Perfect Plan

Great Online Support. It was really good working with her and I loved it. The Program was very much helpful.

Saniya Sohoni

Student State Level Badminton Player.

I was never hungry.

I was concerned if I would be able to stick to a fixed diet plan. I never felt deprived and was following a balanced diet. Mine was more of inch loss which I have maintained even after getting back to normal diet.

Rohini Juneja


Gained 4-5 Kgs of weight.

I was deficient in iron and had to improve on my diet and health. She understood my choices well and made me eat everything that I liked. I would surely recommend her to my friends and relatives.

Namrata Hemrajani


Dropped weight about 10 kgs.


With Sneha, it was a very amazing experience. My weight was getting in control very quickly. By following her instructions, I achieved my aim successfully. The best part was that I didn’t have to do physical exercises. There was a diet plan only.

Dr Rinku Chourasiya


Lost lot of inches, thanks to Sneha.

Had met Sneha for anaemia and high cholesterol levels. It was lovely being associated with you Sneha. It was like having normal food. Did not feel as if I was on a diet. Thanks for all the efforts you have taken to make me what I am today.

Ritu rajaramka


Allows you to diet as per your choice of food.

Met Sneha to reduce my weight and healthy diet control. Lost approx 15 kgs. The good thing is she allows you to diet as per your choice of food.

Alok Goenka


Lost 6 Kgs and counting.

Initially, when I started I was worried that my food quantity would be reduced a lot and I would have to starve to lose weight. The best part I liked in Sneha’s diet was she gives normal food to eat and no ingredient is different or extra. I would surely recommend her to my known.

Reefa Malik


Gained 8-10 Kgs in just 12 weeks.

It was wonderful, Sneha ma’am is so helpful and so very talented. She will understand your issues and help you recover very efficiently. It was good and easy to follow as ma’am had made a suitable food plan according to my busy college schedule.

Meeta Hendre


Lost 20 Kgs in a year.

My Blood pressure had risen, the main reason I consulted Sneha. By following her program I did not have any cravings and she gave everything to eat. I never felt I was on diet. Have recommended her to many of my known. She gives excellent support, understands the person well and plans diet accordingly.

Mona Thakkar


Simple & Flexible Diet.

Had heard of Sneha from a friend. Initially, I was wondering if I could follow a diet. Once I registered I did follow it and lost about 5 kgs.



I lost 8 kgs in 12 weeks.

Being a Pilot we have to undergo a medical every 1 year which is really extensive. As I needed to lose weight I decided to consult Sneha Fafat, who I had consulted in the past. My main issues were to reduce weight and also keep my BP normal. Sneha is really good as a Dietician and she made the entire program for me as per my work schedule which consists of odd hours and staying in Hotels. Because of the various diet plans and options, I was able to lose substantial weight in a short time. She used to put weekly treats in the food plan which I used to look forward to.

Vijay Tolia

Airline Pilot

I felt more energetic and improved my game.

I was searching for dietician and I found her name on practo. It was an amazing experience. She explained small things mainly about nutrients, chewing pattern, which is important to follow a diet chart. She made a chart with time of diet, what to eat before after and during practice. It really helped me a lot and gave me confidence.

Akshay Kolhar

Cricketer, Government

I didn’t have to make an enormous effort to follow the diet.

Met Sneha for weight loss and better energy levels. It was a great experience.

Rashmei Sangtani Choudhary


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