Most of us have at some point of time have tried to go on a diet. How successful and how long did that last for is a second story. Surprisingly, research model predicts the average weight gain of dieters will actually be more than that of non-dieters. This is named as yo-yo effect of dieting by scientists. A cyclic process of losing weight and then gaining once the diet is stopped. Well, if not diet then how do I get to my ideal weight then?

Choose wisely

When trying to lose or gain weight kick the word dieting and start to eat healthy. Consider the following when choosing a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Eat normally

Your food plan should ideally be what you normally eat. When you try to eat way out of what your usual eating style is, you end up following the diet only short term and this leads to the yo–yo effect. Your diet should be an easy diet with no hunger, guilt or deprivation.

Eat Everything – Don’t skip

Try to include variety of food – all grains, pulses, vegetables. fruits, dairy, nuts and oil seeds. Don’t skip your favorite meals. Include pani-puri, samosa, ice-cream and everything you love in your food plan and most importantly learn how to include it in the right portion and frequency. Once your food plans tells you how you include everything in your healthy food plan its up for a long term adherence and lifelong effect.

Monitor your progress

A good food plan will always come with check points. timely monitoring of what you are eating and how its effecting your body & mind. Ideally monitoring and changing your diet every week will bring greater discipline. Timely changing your food intake ensures including more variety and a better nutrient profile for your fitness.

The above points would help you choose a lifetime approach over quick weight gain/loss. Avoid getting in the yo-yo diet mode stick to healthy balanced eating. For more personalized consultation contact me at

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