Balanced Nutrition

Your favorite meal is now a part of your diet

Nourish To Flourish

Healthy outside starts from the inside

Weight Management

I don’t diet I eat healthy.

Lifestyle Disease

No time for healthy eating – find time for illness.

My Mantra


Simplicity of your food plan, perseverance and complete support play the key role.

Personal attention is given to each of your queries and concerns.

Weekly Review

Back to school approach. Every week detailed feedback of dietary intake is taken. The support and timely check are the key to success. Every week is important and a learning experience.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Every individual is different and each body responds differently. Your Food plan is prepared keeping this in mind. Customized plans are made for the upcoming week, after thorough understanding of your lifestyle.

Online Ease

Your queries and concerns are now just a click away. With everything online in today’s world, things have become quicker and easier. Bringing this ease to get connected with each other as swiftly as possible.


16 + years of experience.

“ Making healthy choices is a way of life.” The vision is to provide scientific nutrition knowledge and build long-term healthy eating a habit. I love working with people and improving their relationships with food.

Scientific Nutrition

With expertise I translate latest nutrition research to everyday living. Evidence based food plans, help bring nutrition science on to your plate and make health in your kitchen. Scientific nutrition knowledge should be easily available to all and simplified enough to apply in daily routine.

Healthy Tomorrow

The approach is to create long term healthy eating habits, the results of which are long lasting. I believe that complete support and understanding is the way to health goals. Forming Habits that you can stick to for a lifetime will give you lasting result.

Listen to what my clients say

From 96 to 78 within 20 weeks.
my weight loss journey with Sneha mam was full of fun and flavors.
Not at any point of time I felt like I am on diet.
She said to me on day 0 it’s not about diet it about changing your life style and that was really true.
I ate every thing and enjoyed my food.
I always watched before and after never dream of getting one of me.
Kudos to her and will always recommend her 100 percent.


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