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Nourish To Flourish

Healthy outside starts from the inside

Weight Management

I don’t diet I eat healthy.

Lifestyle Disease

No time for healthy eating – find time for illness.

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Varun Kukday
Varun Kukday
Excellent guidance and diet plan. Perfectly tailored to my eating nitpicks and likes and dislikes while making sure nutrients and balance was always priority.
Nadiya Damani
Nadiya Damani
Happy with her Balanced diet
Vanshika Gadyani
Vanshika Gadyani
It was a nice journey of one week with u ma'am. You were always there whenever I required guidance.
Anjali Chafekar
Anjali Chafekar
I had thyroid problem and so was difficult to lose weight.With Sneha' s proper guidance I could reduce 7 kg in 7 months. 1kg per month on an average. Attended functions, enjoyed all kinds of food. I lost weight while enjoying eating is the plus point of the program.
Parijat Shrivastava
Parijat Shrivastava
Sneha Madam helped me lose considerable weight which I had not thought possible without immense effort. Her guidance taught us that eating healthy & eating for pleasure need not be different things. Her daily diet plans helped immensely in answering 'Dinner mein kya banana hai?' Hoping her guidance reaches many more 🙂
Amruta Mustyalwar
Amruta Mustyalwar
Best diet routine ever! Sneha's diet plan is not only healthy but fun to follow. I never imagined that I could eat noodles and ice cream while on diet. This program educated me about portion control and mindful eating.
prateek khade
prateek khade
Please be aware from this and many such dietician. These are big time scammers who on the name of diet plan will give prefixed diet chart with your name edited on it. They don't have the capability and knowledge to give the customized diet plan as your body type. My experience: I searched dietician in Nagpur, for some reason Sneha Fafat name was coming on top of search list. I went for a visit, the first indication i got was the clinic (which was not a clinic but a some advocate's office) , shouldn't have enter the so called clinic. But i still had faith.. went inside. Spoke to Sneha, see was explaining the various plans she have. To he honest the 2nd indication i got was by looking into sneha herself. He is not fit herself and she was giving lecture on fitness. After explaining the diet plan,she insisted that i should deposit 4000as advance fee rest she said can be paid later. I was hesitant, but I don't what cause to make that decision..i deposited 4k. Then on Sunday recieved diet plan. I was shock to see the diet plan, it was so generic, even I can prepare that diet plan by looking into internet. Such impractical meals, no consideration of my body and diet type taken into account. She is charging 11k just to forward you the prefixed,editable pdf file. She is big time SCAMMERS and have not much expertise also. The analogies she gives to convince is childish. My Request: Please don't fall under such traps, these people are full time scammers, they don't have much to do in life except scamming people from there cheap tricks.
Namrata Naidu
Namrata Naidu
12 weeks mein Maine se 61 kg loss kiya .par inches loss hoye hai.deit acha raha .kabhi weakness nahi aaya.maam ne sare problem dekhkar deit diya tha.aur mein ise agye bhi continue karna chati hu.


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My Mantra


Simplicity of your food plan, perseverance and complete support play the key role.

Personal attention is given to each of your queries and concerns.

Weekly Review

Back to school approach. Every week detailed feedback of dietary intake is taken. The support and timely check are the key to success. Every week is important and a learning experience.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Every individual is different and each body responds differently. Your Food plan is prepared keeping this in mind. Customized plans are made for the upcoming week, after thorough understanding of your lifestyle.

Online Ease

Your queries and concerns are now just a click away. With everything online in today’s world, things have become quicker and easier. Bringing this ease to get connected with each other as swiftly as possible.


12 + years of experience.

“ Making healthy choices is a way of life.” The vision is to provide scientific nutrition knowledge and build long-term healthy eating a habit. I love working with people and improving their relationships with food.

Scientific Nutrition

With expertise I translate latest nutrition research to everyday living. Evidence based food plans, help bring nutrition science on to your plate and make health in your kitchen. Scientific nutrition knowledge should be easily available to all and simplified enough to apply in daily routine.

Healthy Tomorrow

The approach is to create long term healthy eating habits, the results of which are long lasting. I believe that complete support and understanding is the way to health goals. Forming Habits that you can stick to for a lifetime will give you lasting result.

Listen to what my clients say

From 96 to 78 within 20 weeks.
my weight loss journey with Sneha mam was full of fun and flavors.
Not at any point of time I felt like I am on diet.
She said to me on day 0 it’s not about diet it about changing your life style and that was really true.
I ate every thing and enjoyed my food.
I always watched before and after never dream of getting one of me.
Kudos to her and will always recommend her 100 percent.



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