Hungry? On a diet? Feeling deprived? Wanna eat yummy food? All the words may immediately ring a bell for all dieters. Yes the minute we plan to go on a diet the first thoughts are the same. I will miss my chocolates and pastry and pizza and chats. Though I love them all I will sacrifice it all just to reach a number.

Are we eating to reach a number or size?

Or are we eating for health? The minute we switch from dieting to eating healthy most of our stress is gone. And when someone tells you can eat your pastry and pizza as a part of healthy eating, voila! this diet is going to last long. Diets which deprive you of any kinda of food is surely going to make you crave for that food at some point or the other.

Science speaks

Many researches have shown that if you are hungry and deprived for a long time, the hunger hormone will start giving signals for fat depositions in your body. No! that’s the last thing I want to happen in my body. Well, eating balanced food and not feeling hungry might just be the key to lose weight then.

Don’t deprive. Eat in moderation

Balanced diets make it possible to include all foods you like. Eating healthy does not mean not eating your favorite food. You just need to moderate the amount you are eating and remember your health goal for nourished body and mind.

Set up health goals

Setting up reasonable and lasting health goals will help you not get in to the cycle of going on hunger diets. When you try to get quick instant results, you tend to fall prey to shortcuts and end up depriving yourself. One fine day sooner or later, the will power goes for a bang and your cravings take over your self-control. Setting long term health goals will ensure you work for nourishment of the body and not being deprived. The above points will help you set a long term health goal and move out of the hunger and craving cycle. Choose wisely and get lasting results. For more personalized consultation contact me at

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