We make a wide variety of hormones that circulate in our bodies. Sometimes hormones get out of balance, leading to complications like infertility, weight gain or loss, Type 1 Diabetes, weak bones and disturbed menstrual cycle. PCOD/PCOS, estrogen imbalance, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Insulin sensitivity are most commonly seen hormonal imbalances.

Can I have hormonal imbalance?

The best thing to do is talk to your doctor or an endocrinologist. A few hormones change naturally at different age of life and a few get disrupted with unhealthy eating, lack of sleep, disturbed lifestyle, lack of activity, obesity, toxin exposure, genetics and many other factors.

Food help

We can build a healthy lifestyle and keep our weight in check to control the hormonal imbalances.

1) Switch simple sugars – eat more complex carbohydrates in a wholesome form. Avoid simple sugars like sugar, refined flours and its products.
2) Include healthy fats – consuming healthy fats like omega-3 has proven to be useful. Do not eliminate all fat form the diet. Healthy fats in nuts and oilseeds like walnuts, flax seeds, almonds, fish, peanuts are helpful.
3) Eat in interval – try to eat in at least in three hours. Avoid long gaps and eat a balanced meal.
4) Be active – research shows that exercising benefits and improve the overall health.
5) Protect with antioxidants – eat foods rich in antioxidants like fruits, vegetables, nuts, foods rich in vitamins. Avoid deep fried foods and sugar laden foods as the body has to spend more antioxidants to combat its effect on the body.
6) Identify deficiencies – if there’s an underlining deficiency of any nutrient, correcting the nutrient deficiency is of utmost importance.
7) Keep weight in the ideal range – following a well-balanced diet which nourishes the body and keeps the weight in check is one of most essential part of maintaining hormonal balance.

Prevention is better than cure. Take a healthy step today to balance up your hormones. Feel free to connect for more personalized consultation at www.snehafafat.com/contact

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